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"...a very particular set of skills.
Skills I have acquired over a very long career."

Systems Thinking

Ability to make connections, see opportunities, and pull ideas and people together


Advanced surfaces, assembly design, rapid prototyping, and master modeling with the most advanced packages available


Empathy for others, example of personal investment, and identification with the team’s success


"Where does he get those wonderful toys?"


Independent IPD & focus

Vulcan Heat Shield

Containing the fire


3D scanning & navigation

Gas-Phase 3D printer

Optimized for outer space

Spacecraft Trajectories

Automated orbital mechanics

In-Space Fuel Production

Safe nuclear power in space

Inside-Out Tracking

Holy Grail of VR/AR

Life Support Systems Eng

Optimized development path

URL Action Shortener

bit.ly for actions

Sustainable Space Food

Waste gas biomanufacturing

Lunar Space Elevator

Lifting mechanism proof of concept

737 Exit Row

Armrest and egress


"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference."

  • 2002-2004


    For two years after high school, John performed humanitarian service and picked up his habit for exotic fruit smoothies and heavy black bean stews

  • 2004-2007

    Licensed to Build

    Graduating as chairman of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, John left the Utah mountains ready to roll

  • 2007-2008

    Lean Machine

    Working the 737 production floor in Seattle Washington, John implemented innovations and improvements to processes, production parts, manufacturing tools, and program management

  • 2008-2011

    Houston, do you copy?

    John touched down in Houston to shepherd in installation of Life Support Systems hardware as NASA staffed the ISS up to six crew

  • 2011-2012

    Going Nuclear

    John joined Boeing's Beachhead in Cleveland to develop in-space nuclear fuel enrichment and large manned vehicle payload fairing technology. He also began flying!

  • 2011

    Fight On Trojans

    John earned his master's degree in astronautical engineering from USC to step into a more pure form of rocket science

  • 2012-2014

    Plotting the Course

    Tackling numerical analysis and optimization of NASA’s next rocket’s trajectories, John quite literally charted the course for the next wave of human space exploration.

  • 2013-2017

    Diving Deep

    John swims deeper into impactful design as an independent contractor consultant

  • Your


"We'll cross the streams."

Chris Zahner

Mechanical Engineer and M.D.

"John is one of the hardest working and multi-skilled people that I know. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He is a great communicator, team player, all around self starter, and will be a strong addition to your team. His relentless drive to accumulate a diverse skill set makes him the perfect systems engineer because he has the ability to communicate with so many different people and integrate so many system types. And he doesn't stop at the surface level, he dives deep to understand and be functional in different skills at the professional level. If you need something done, John can do it now or will be able to do it in the very near term. Honestly, you can't go wrong if you hire John Benac."

Greg Huston

Senior Stress Analyst

"John was an absolute pleasure to work with during our time together at Ruag Space. His positive attitude, ability to communicate effectively, and attention to detail were a few of the qualities that John brought to a successful team environment. John is one of the most talented designers I've worked with in my 15 year career within the Aerospace Industry. His creativity and ability to think outside the box to construct unique design solutions is second to none. He goes about his job with a good sense of the big picture which lays a strong foundation for a potential path in Systems Engineering. I would recommend John to anyone looking for a premium Senior-Level Designer or Systems Engineering Manager. "

Thai Truong

Lead Designer

"John is energetic, enthusiastic, polite and knowledgeable. He definitely can make great contribution to any working organization."


"This is me in a nutshell."

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"I can only show you the door. You have to step through it."